Building Flight Time with Flying Lessons in Bristol

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Flight School

Building flight time, which is needed to get and maintain certain certifications and to impress future employers, is often a challenge for many pilots. Most pilots work to keep up with the requirements for hours logged and hours put into flight training. It is a reasonable assumption to end up spending four to six years building up the necessary hours to get a job with a major airline company- which can be approximately 200-300 hours of total flight time. Depending on your goals and plans you may need less and you may need many more hours than this to get the job you want to have. Flying lessons in Bristol can help you get the hours you need to further advance your aviation career. Click here to learn more.

Here is a sample list of practical methods to build flight time and get the logged hours in the sky that you need:

* Become a Flight Instructor- if you are able to teach do so and log those hours

* Tow Banners- pull advertisement banners and get paid while logging hours

* Aerial Photography- fly and take photos for clients with property and land

* Tow Gliders- pull gliders and similar craft at the beach

* Drop Skydivers-fly drop run for thrill seekers and skydivers

* Fly for Traffic Watch- see if a local news station needs an eye in sky for drive time

* Fly as a Safety Pilot- be a backup pilot to help with flight controls for students

* Split Shifts- Split flight control time with other pilots on longer flights

* Flight School- Flying lessons in Bristol are a great way to get hands on fly time

* Hang Out- spend time at the airport and see if anyone wants to hire a private pilot

* Join a Flying Club- put your passion and hobby to work as you rack up hours

* Volunteer – use your air time to help charities or community groups

* Charter Companies/Corporations- see if private groups need a pilots for their events

* Network- get to know other students and pilots and share tips and ideas together

* Purchase “Block-time”- buy air time just for flying around and logging hours

* Buy an Airplane- if you can get your own plane it makes logging hours much easier

* Fly Cargo- if you’re able to haul fright and cargo it can help log long distance time

* Apply to a Regional Airline- when you are on call you get plenty of air time to log

If you want to take your aviation career to the next level, you need to rack up as many hours at the controls as you can. Flying lessons in Bristol can get you off to a good start, so call Devon & Somerset Flight Training today and schedule your first flight lesson!

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