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Some flying schools use FAR Part 141 while others use Part 61 for operations. Although the methods produce the same results, the training is different. Regardless of the method used, you need to identify the certificate that you wish to gain after the training. Flight schools are very open on the courses available, the lessons you need to take, the cost, the period of time taken in training, and the qualification acquired after training. Be keen on choosing a school with course structures, qualified instructors and flying lessons in Exeter.

Private Pilot License

When you get the license, you can fly fixed gear aircraft, fixed pitch and single engine flights in visual meteorological conditions. With further training, you can pilot commercial flights. The lessons include 45 hours flight training. Most flight schools allot 10 hours to solo flight control. During the lesson, the student takes charge of the navigation, aircraft handling and solo flying. The lessons to be taken for the course include Cross country flying, CAA medical, skills test practice, First solo, Circuits, QXC flight, Basics of navigation, Radio practical, General handling, Instrument flying, Stalls/PFL’s, and Local navigation.

Piloting for Fun

The license achieved is the EASA LAPL, Light Aircraft Pilots License. You can only fly a single engine flight with less than 4 people. The lessons are made up of 30hours, 10 of which are solo. You learn how to control and navigate the flight amongst other things. The course is structured to provide confidence and total control of the flight.

Structured towards Excellency

Flight schools carry out all training through a professional CAA qualified instructors. For consistency, most schools assign one instructor to handle the entire training. This makes the student more comfortable with the instructor. When enrolling for training, the student receives information on the lessons to be taken and the qualification to be achieved at the end of the training. Browse the site for more information.