Burglar Alarm Installers in Salisbury – Understanding How Monitored Systems Work

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Security

Various parts of the United Kingdom are high risk for crimes. Despite this, many homeowners don’t take precautionary measures to reduce their risk. If you are one of these people and have thought about hiring burglar alarm installers in Salisbury to fit some kind of system, make sure it’s a monitored one. Designed with advanced technology, these systems will instantly send signals to key holders or police in the event of an issue. What’s more, you could get insurance coverage for a low price if your home is fitted with a quality alarm system. Gain peace of mind by understanding more about how they work.

Monitoring Types

Before you can go ahead and buy a monitoring system from burglar alarm installers in Salisbury, it is best to learn about the basic monitoring types. A speech dialler device, also known as a text alert, will be connected either with or without wireless to the alarm system. Programmed numbers will be called or texted if the alarm is alerted. Another monitoring type is custodian monitoring, which works by calling or texting programmed numbers if something happens on the monitored premises. Police monitoring will offer lot of reassurance, because signals will be sent to a receiving centre before police action is taken, if necessary. Keyholder monitoring is something to consider if you have chosen nominated key holders to respond in the event of suspicious activity.

Signalling Methods

All burglar alarms will function with one of four mainstream signalling types – Digicom, DualCom,, Redcare and Emizon. Wireless technology is used for some methods, because this is the fastest way of signals being sent to police receiving centres and of course, to you and the key holders. If the system does not function with wireless, check to make sure it has a standard telephone line connection at the very least.

Care and Servicing

The burglar alarm installers in Salisbury that fit your device should be the ones to maintain the components. With annual maintenance, the chances of parts corroding will lower, allowing you to save money. Some of the components that a burglar alarm installer will have the skills to inspect, clean and repair include the Alarm Control Panel (ACP), alerting device, keypad and Passive Infrared Detector (PID).

You can take control of your security when you hire burglar alarm installers in Salisbury to fit access control systems. Bridger Alarms specialise in CCTV systems, so call the team or go their website today.

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