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Everything on this planet is made from chemicals and by participating in hands-on experiments in the classroom, pupils can learn more about the Earth and the many wonderfully weird things on it. This branch of science focuses on chemical structure, properties and composition, and there is always something new to learn about this scientific discipline. If you are keen to inspire others with your chemistry knowledge, then a position teaching Chemistry could be right for you.

Initial teacher training (ITT)
In order to teach chemistry in a Secondary school in England, you must hold QTS. The ITT programme will help you gain skills that will enable you to excel as a teacher in this industry. From learning how to carry out an experiment with pupils to encouraging GCSE students to take chemistry as a subject, this training covers many areas that will help you throughout your career. ITT is also known to involve tests and activities designed to make subjects as fun as they are educational. When this training course is completed, you will receive Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Background in Chemistry
If you are looking for a career as a Chemistry Teacher and want to gain experience, as a Science graduate you could seek employment as a Laboratory Technician within a school. This can be a useful starting point to find out if the school environment is right for you. It will look great on your CV too!

Registering with Agencies
Sometimes, it helps to have someone guide you in the right direction. An agency that offers placements could help you find work that may not otherwise be listed publicly. What’s more, they will allow you to search by job type, subject, region and sometimes, salary. When you apply for Chemistry Teacher jobs in this way, you can feel confident that all of the listings are genuine and screened beforehand, meaning you won’t be wasting your time.

Whether you want to be a secondary teacher, cover teacher or teaching assistant, the team at ABC Teachers can assist you in reaching career goals. If you have any questions about applying for chemistry teacher jobs, call 0800 030 4014.