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The doors in your home are an important part of the impact your home has – this is particularly true of your front door. For a front door, people generally have preferred a wooden door for privacy, and have opted for glass doors at the back of a home to get the benefit of views and light. However, even a front door can have glazing, which can be made opaque if privacy is an issue.

Glass is an increasingly desirable product in any home because of the light that streams through it and because it can give the effect of bringing a garden inside as part of the extended home. The only problem with glass has been the amount of heat that is lost through it. This situation is remedied with double glazing and, if specific glass such as Low-E glass is used, the amount of heat loss is dramatically reduced.

The advantages of double glazed doors

For your doors in your Farnham home, double glazing will provide the type of insulation that is twice as effective as conventional doors. In addition, you have the benefits of glass. With the inert gas between the two panes of glass you are assured of reduced heat loss from your home in winter, and less oppressive heat in your home during the summer months. The benefit is obviously that energy bills will be greatly reduced. The cost of double glazing is higher than for a single glazed door, but the cost saving on heating bills mean that this will ultimately be a cost-effective investment as well as providing a far more comfortable home.

The noise reduction with a double glazed door is significant. If your home opens onto a street or if you live in a high density area, having this acoustic reduction will be a major benefit. In fact, with these doors installed, homeowners have commented on the profound peace and quiet. With double glazing there is also increased security as the double panes are much more difficult to break through. The doors are also relatively maintenance free and are easy to clean. You can also choose from a range of different casings and styles. You can visit here to get more information.

Look for a guarantee of workmanship

Most double glazed doors in Farnham will come with guarantees so you are assured that condensation won’t become a problem. This is an important factor as, if the glass in your door isn’t properly sealed, condensation can occur between the two panes. There is no way to fix this other than to replace the glass, so having a company guarantee their work would be something to look out for.

When choosing your doors in Farnham, you need to partner with a company that manufactures to the highest standards. Contact the Farnham branch of P & P Glass to speak to any of their expert staff.