Factors in Choosing a Double Glazed Door

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Home Improvement

Windows are the part of any building where heat is most easily lost. Glass is a good conductor of heat, which means that heat transfer takes place very easily. If it’s cold outside and you are providing heating inside a building, the heat will rapidly move through windows, leaving a need for even greater heat creation inside. Likewise, on a very hot day, a home will quickly overheat as the sun’s rays pour through windows. However, people love having light in their homes, and glass is being increasingly used for not only windows but for entire walls. In addition, doors that are entirely or partly constructed of glass are also increasingly popular. Fortunately, with double glazing the heat loss through glass is dramatically decreased.

Looking at double glazed doors

If glass doors are what you choose for your Esher home, you will need to understand the science behind the design, as not all are the same. The manufacture of the structure is very important to ensure that the door is very well sealed. The two panes of glass are kept apart by a separator and the space between the two panes is filled with air or a gas that doesn’t allow for heat transfer. With this thermal insulation in place, you can safely install glass doors and not be concerned that your energy bills are going to increase. With a good double glazed door, you can actually expect reduced energy bills, as up to 50% of heat loss can be reduced.

If you invest in Low-E glass you can be assured that the thermal insulation will be optimal. There are ways of checking with the British Fenestration Council to see how well your windows or doors will retain heat. This rating will also check on the other factors that make double glazed doors so attractive – this would include their ability to keep out noise and dust, their ability to resist condensation, and to keep out wind. All these factors make double glazed doors an excellent addition to a home, but you would need to guarantee that the product you are buying is manufactured to the highest standards. Double glazing is obviously more expensive than single glazing but, with all the benefits that accompany it, along with the energy savings, it should be seen as a sound long-term investment. Visit here for more information.

Choosing the right door casing

With double glazed doors you can use wood, uPVC or aluminium casing. The choice would be dependent on the type of home or building and whatever would fit in with the style of architecture best. There was an issue with the thermal properties of aluminium a few years ago, but this problem has been resolved, making all different casings equally effective.

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