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When it’s time to build and you need concrete, you may think it’s just a matter of deciding what type of concrete you need and then making a phone call. This is only part of the issue that will need your attention. You may already know that there are different types of concrete and have decided on the specific batch for your needs. If could be that you need a high-quality finish and have elected to use something like the Agilia ready mix concrete that is one of the most superior products on the market. You’ve discovered that this product will save you money because there is no needing for screeding on top of the concrete, and you have placed your order. Perhaps you want an environmentally friendly ready-mix and have determined that a certain mix is right for your needs. No matter whether you are constructing a large building or have a small project around a tool-shed, the first question you need to ask if you live in Newport is how the concrete company will get the product to where you need it to be.

Choosing a ready-mix supplier

With access being a problem that affects many households, you would be advised to enquire whether your concrete supplier in Newport has a boom pump available. If you haven’t seen a boom pump in operation, you need to picture something that looks like a robotic arm that is situated on a truck or trailer. By its very nature, this means that the boom pump has extraordinary reach and ability to get into tight corners. These boom pumps are expensive and not all companies have them, but they are extremely effective and are excellent for construction companies that are putting up a multi-floor building. Visit here for more information.

The advantages of using a boom pump in Newport

Not only is access often solved with a boom pump, but the pumping speed is also excellent. With time being money and with the properties of concrete being such that the product can be spread and moved around only for a certain length of time, a superior speed of discharge is very valuable to have. Any time labour is required to move about wheelbarrows, the process is slowed down enormously. Truck-mounted pumps can also be effective, but don’t have the type of vertical or horizontal reach of a boom pump. Thus, even when you are aware that you are getting the right mix of concrete with the right quality assurance and technical expertise, ensuring that the product reaches you and is poured as efficiently as possible should be high on your list of considerations when choosing a company to work with.

Access is often a problem when needing pumped concrete in Newport. South Wales Concrete Pumping has vehicles with boom pumps fitted and can ensure access to even the most tricky and remote sites.