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When the cold weather arrives in the fall and winter, people are picking up their phones and calling a specialist in heating in Fareham to help repair their furnaces. Whether it is a residential or commercial setting, some of the most basic problems can take place and need to be repaired urgently. If you are aware of what the most common furnace problems are, then you will be able to be proactive in preventing them in the future.

Common Furnace Problems and Repairs

Here are some of the most common furnace problems for you to watch out as a home or business owner.

* Lack of maintenance: If you do not have a heating professional come and do a yearly maintenance on your furnace, then breakdowns and problems may occur unexpectedly. They can fix a minor problem before it turns into a big problem.

* Changing filters: Clogged or dirty air filters will cause a significant decrease in the amount of airflow going through your home. Check your filters regularly to make sure they are not clogged and change them at least 2-3 times a year.

* Wear and tear: Standard wear and tear can cause severe problems with airflow and cause overheating or other heat control-related problems.

* Pilot control or electric ignition problems: If the ignition in your furnace is on the fritz it could be difficult to heat a commercial space or even a home. Clogs and drafts may also be a factor.

* Noisy furnace: If your furnace makes a rumbling or squeaking noise, then this is not normal. It could be a serious mechanical problem that needs to be checked out. Mechanical issues can cause a reduction of airflow or it could even be a clogged burner.

* No heat: If your furnace is not performing its primary task, then it may be that it is having problems with the setting on the thermostat, power, pilot light, or gas.

* Malfunctioning thermostat: A thermostat has the tendency to lead to serious problems with your furnace in regards to the fan or the comfort levels.


Now that you are aware of the most common problems that could happen with your furnace you will be able to watch for signs of much needed repair. If any of these problems are taking place with your furnace, then you need to call a professional right away to check for further damage and to save you money in the long-run. Visit here for more details.

If you are having issues with your furnace heating in Fareham, then the experts at Prestige Plumbers can help.