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You’re living in a beautiful period home and are delighted with the traditional elegance of the building. The only problem is that your gorgeous sash or casement windows are showing signs of wear and tear and are detracting from the overall look of your home. Even worse is when the windows are ill-fitting and rattle constantly during anything other than ideal weather, and let in icy draughts that add to your heating bills.

Updating your sash and casement windows in Edinburgh

It is possible to change your old windows and update them with newly made windows that do not change the look of your home at all. As you will know, there are Planning and Conservation Committees in Edinburgh and, if your home falls under their purview, it will be essential for you to conform to their regulations. There are companies that have experience of these requirements and will be able to ensure that the new windows pass all the necessary inspections. The new windows can also be manufactured to match any stained glass or leaded windows.

The replacement windows will be measured and modelled exactly on your existing windows, and will be hand-made to match the old windows perfectly. To ensure the period look of the windows, you will also need to partner with a company that can provide the requisite hardware for the hinges and sash lifts. Once again, you will need to find a supplier that has experience in this area and will understand exactly what is needed. You can click here to get more details.

Double glazing

If you are replacing your sash and casement windows in Edinburgh, you may want to consider double glazing. The beauty of these double-glazed windows is that they have a layer of inert gas between the two pieces of glass, and this gas is a poor conductor of heat. The result is that your home will stay cooler in summer and will retain heat during the cold months. Double glazing can reduce heating bills by up to 50%, and the windows can thus pay for themselves over a few years. If double-glazing is not permitted by the Conservation Committee, there are other options, such as secondary glazing, that are available.

The best part about replacing your windows is that you will have draught-free, well-sealed windows that are much more effective for climate control. The windows will look exactly the same as before, even with nylon sash cords and solid brass hardware as required. You will have total peace of mind that your windows will last for many years, and will add great value to your home.

If you need to update sash and casement windows in Edinburgh, JBC is the company to contact. With their years of experience in working with Planning and Conservation Committees, they will offer you excellent advice and an excellent product.