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Christmas dinner is easier and more enjoyable when you are cooking with an Aga cooker. Depending on your model, you may have up to six ways to cook your favorite Christmas dishes:

* Boiling Plate
* Simmering Plate
* Roasting Oven
* Baking Oven
* Warming Oven
* Simmering Oven

Each oven can used all at once without damaging the heat distribution to another part of the Aga cooker. Imagine being able to prepare potatoes, roast, and dessert all at once!

This article offers suggestions for a perfect all-at-once Christmas dinner that will save your family time and work when you cook with an Aga cooker.

Mushroom Soup
Liquids boil quickly on the Aga simmering plate, and cooking with an Aga cooker allows you to prepare starters at the same time you prepare the main dish and sides! Start your Christmas dinner with a decadent mushroom soup to start a cold evening with a touch of warmth. The top simmering plate is perfect for getting soups ready quickly.

Roasted Turkey
Is it really Christmas dinner without a traditional roasted turkey? Cook an entire turkey in half the time when you cook with an Aga cooker. Make sure that your turkey is well thawed before you cook it, and place it into the roasting oven to cook. Up to 5.4 kg of turkey will only take about two hours. Season it with your favorite flavors, stuff it with your favorite stuffing, and cook it! A turkey made in an Aga cooker can be finished at the same as your side dishes, or made ahead and kept warm in the warming oven.

Roasted Potatoes
Did you know that the roasting oven of your Aga cooker can hold several items to cook at once? If your bird is small enough, you can roast your sides and meat at the same time! To roast potatoes, start by parboiling them on the simmering plate. Transfer them into a shallow pan, and roast them in the bottom of the Aga’s roasting oven. This simple two-step potatoes pair well with your Christmas dinner favorites.

Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding
It can’t be a happy Christmas until you and your family get to enjoy a traditional Christmas cake. Simply bake the cake tin in the simmering oven for about five hours for a moist, family-pleasing dessert that you can top with apricot glaze and glacé fruits and nuts. If your family prefers Christmas pudding, put a small twist on it with mini-Christmas pudding servings. Prepare this classic favorite in the roasting oven for 20 minutes, then let it sit in the simmering oven for about five hours.

Christmas Dinner on a Budget
If you have your heart set on an Aga cooker, but you feel as if you can’t afford one, consider a refurbished one. Country Style cookers offers delivery and installation for their refurbished Aga cookers so that you can start cooking on your Aga cooker just in time for Christ dinner.