Metal Rolling – A Simple Guide to One of the World’s Most Important Manufacturing Processes

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Business

The process of metal rolling is relied on greatly around the world. So popular are metal rolling services that most products nowadays are subjected to the process when they are being manufactured. The aim of the process is to reduce the thickness of metal by compressing it with two spinning rolls. With a controlled level of friction and enough lubricant, even the thickest pieces of strong metal can be flattened and used for a particular application.

Grain Structure
In order for a wrought grain structure to be achieved, the cast grain structure will be converted with a hot rolling process. Grain structure is an important part of the metal rolling process, because if the metal has a non-uniform grain structure, it will be considerably weak and susceptible to breakages and shrinking cavities. It is also possible for metallic oxides to get stuck inside the metal, which is why the material must be rolled at a heat higher than the recrystallization temperature. As grain boundaries are destructed, the formation of new ones will begin. Any cavities that remain can be closed up once the metal is rolled, giving a flawless, polished finish.

Roll Thickness
Metal rolling is a technique that can be used for the creation of all kinds of products. The reason why the product options are so varied is because specific widths and lengths can be achieved with the right equipment and skills. Whether you want to get candy foil wrapping rolled to a thickness of .0002 inches, or boiler parts to 12 inches thick, the bending moments and force applied to the rigid metal will allow for miscellaneous sizes and geometries.

Rolling Defects
Two of the most important characteristics of a finalised metal rolling project will be rigidity and strength. All rolls will be tested to ensure they have been manufactured properly with metal rolling services. Different degrees of reflection are applied to each piece of metal and sometimes, this force can affect the condition of the metal. The centre will likely experience greater force than the edges, and this deflection will result in the middle having more thickness. Also known as camber, this thickness will have an impact on friction and roll radius, which is why the deflection problems should be offset with more rolling.

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