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Wearing women’s size 9 shoes does not mean you cannot be excited about shoe shopping. Historically everyone has admired tall women but fashion outlets and suppliers alike have also ignored the fact that tall usually means a larger clothing and plus size shoes.  Most of the options that you find when you wear women’s size 9 shoes or above are typically not exciting, fashionable or high quality. That is until now!

High fashion, High quality

Typically when you do find shoes in your size they may be cute and even fashionable but they are not typically well-made. In other words you are forced to sacrifice one for the other but you should not have too. You should be able to choose from a selection of shoes that are:

*   Fashionable from popular designers
  Well-made high quality shoes
*   Great looking and comfortable

Most women that wear the larger sizes have been a bit conditioned to not expect too much in way of selection but that is unacceptable.  You deserve great shoes that are fashionable and come from designers that design and make shoes for the more discerning customer.

You deserve high fashion and high quality designer options from top shoe makers on the planet such as Toni Pons, Stuart Weitzman, Ganter, Brunate, JB Martin and other European shoe makers to whom shoe making is an art-form rather than just another clothing item.

The Shop

If you wear size 9 women’s shoes, you can now find highest quality Italian, Spanish, German and Austrian made designer plus size shoes from size 7.5 all the way to size 12. There is a shoe shop that especially caters for the more discerning women with plus size feet. Their collection is updated seasonally made by the best designer brands in Europe.

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