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A stairlift, in case you weren’t sure, is a motorized chair that moves up and down staircases. The beauty of a stairlift is that it makes staircases accessible to those who are disabled, elderly, or incapacitated in any way. Many Exeter houses are built on more than one floor, so it becomes a real problem to navigate the home if a person’s mobility is impaired. Stairlifts are easy to install and there are many different types available, even for stairs that curve.

Installing a curved stairlift in your Exeter home

Many people think that it’s only possible to install a stairlift if the staircase is straight, but it’s equally possible to provide for curved stairs. If you consider the operation of a stairlift, you will learn that the chair operates on a system of rails. These rails are most often attached to the tread of the stairs, so it isn’t necessary to drill into the walls. While it’s easier to fit a straight rail, it’s equally possible for a consultant to measure up your curved stairs. Once the agent knows exactly the length, the width and the curvature, it’s then possible to design a set of rails that will be manufactured to fit these exact dimensions. When the rail is installed, the chair will move just as smoothly along it as it would if the rails were straight. You are able to monitor the speed the chair travels at, so would be able to move more slowly if you had a staircase that curved sharply. Visit here for more information.

Other ways to personalise your stairlift

Not only can stairlift rails be manufactured to suit your stairs exactly, you’ll even be able to have the rails on several different levels if your home is on more than two floors. As this means that the rails may then be in the way of other people moving around the house, these can be folded back when not in use. The chair itself can also be folded up for extra space if required. There are many different models available, and the chair can have different functionality and upholstery. The best idea would be to contact a local expert, such as A2B Stairlift Ltd, and consult with an expert to get all the information you need.