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Are you in the middle of a challenging job with a difficult set up? Has your job site seen its share of obstacles which are making your concrete pouring difficult or down right seemingly impossible? Are you on a building site with restricted access or with a lot of ins and outs to get to the site of the pour? This is fairly common and more people than you may realize deal with this on a regular basis with their concrete pouring. Most traditional concrete pumping systems are not equipped or set up to handle complex pouring sites.

Boom Pump Concrete Pumping

At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we can give you the perfect concrete floor, finished to a high standard. No matter what your job is or what the site looks like, we can get you the concrete you need, where you need it, and finish it to your satisfaction. And best of all, we can do this all without a lot of added time, work, or cost. We’ll supply, pump and lay concrete for you and we will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Our boom pump system allows us to send high quality concrete uphill, downhill, and around any obstacles that might get in the way of traditional concrete pumping systems. It is about quality, excellence, and superiority- that is what you get each and every time with us!

So when you need the best quality concrete with the best finish and durability possible, contact the experts and get it done right the first time. With our boom pump in Newport and all our other locations we can get the job done, no matter what it might entail. So contact us today, get your free quote, and get started!