Does your removals company provide storage?

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Moving Company

If you’ve moved home or office but need to have your goods and possessions stored until they can be relocated, you would be best advised to work through a removals company that offers storage on site. There are several considerations that you would first need to look at before making a decision as to which company would be best suited to your needs. For example, you’d need to look at what kind of storage you needed, how much space you required, whether you’d have access to the storage, and whether your possessions would be kept safe.

Questions for a storage company

Before getting a quotation for storage, you’d want a company representative to visit you and to check on exactly what you wanted stored. Sometimes you’ll be told that certain materials are considered hazardous and cannot be stored, and this will allow you to dispose of them in advance. Storage comes in a variety of different containers, so you should get advice as to what you needed. Taking too much space will cost you money, and will be unnecessary, so this is when a trained eye will be able to assist you.

Another issue will be whether you’ll need to have access to your items while they’re in storage. If you are a business and some files have been stored, you might suddenly need to get hold of them, so would want to have access as quickly as possible. This is perfectly possible if the storage company is made aware of your needs. In a very large warehouse, for example, your possessions may be stored high on a rack, and a forklift may need to reach those pallets. Thus, you’d need to think through what you might need and make a contingency plan in advance. You can visit here to get more details.

Work with a removals company that has storage

If a removals company is able to store your possessions, this would be the best way to go. Obviously it would depend upon the price and on the security measures in place at the facility, but it would mean cutting out a middle man. When the removals company arrives to remove your belongings, they should already know how much storage you need and should have the appropriate containers available. A good idea is to have these containers sealed on your premises. When they later arrive at your new office or home, the unbroken seal will be a guarantee that everything is still in order.

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