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A central heating system can give you evenly dispersed heat from room to room, making your home as comfortable as possible all winter long. There are several choices for central heating. A central heating Cardiff professional can help give you tips on which one would be best for you, but as an informed consumer, you should know a bit about the different options that are available. Here are the main central heating types:

 * Wet central heating: These use a boiler or heat exchanger and radiators to disperse heat throughout your home. Hot water moves through a series of pipes, and at the system’s centre is a boiler that heats the water that moves through those pipes. The fuel used to heat the water is typically either natural gas or oil.

 * Combination boiler: A combination, or combi, boiler not only provides heat throughout your home, it also provides instant hot water. The main advantage of a combi boiler is that there is no need for a storage tank, and thus, they take up less space. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of extra room to spare.

 * Warm air systems: These are not as popular today, but these systems use air that heats up in the boiler using natural gas and that warm air moves through air ducts that are installed throughout your home. Typically these were installed in the sixties and seventies. If you have one of these systems, you’ll likely want to upgrade to another heating style.

When you’re choosing your central heating system, make sure you choose one of the most energy efficient models that are available. This will have an ‘A’ efficiency rating. Not only will you have lower monthly heating bills; you will have a system that will last longer. Central heating in Cardiff professionals can ensure that your system is maintained on a regular basis, helping to extend the overall lifespan.

At Eric Collier & Son Ltd, we have plenty of experience in installing, maintaining and repair all types of central heating systems. Visit them online for more information.