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The United Kingdom is considered by many to be the leading business centre in Europe; the City of London has long been the primary financial centre of the EU.

One of the main stimulants to the economic prosperity of the UK as a whole is the large number of foreign businesses that have made it their European base. In all, the UK attracts 25 percent of European inward investment while the percentage from Asian and American companies is closer to 40 percent. There has to be good reasons for this and there are; the UK places few restrictions on doing business, the UK has a fully developed transport system, excellent communications with the rest of the world and the most widely spoken language. Need it be mentioned that prestige vehicle hire in London is also a highly developed business, allowing foreign businessmen to travel in vehicles that many are accustomed too in their home countries.

At one time the UK was highly industrialised, this sector of the economy continues to decline while banking, insurance and business services continue to grow, today the largest proportion of the UKs GDP comes from the business service sector.

The English businessman is well known for being polite and courteous, the successful foreign entrepreneur or business executive knows this and respects it. It is interesting to note that the upper echelon in UK business take their approach to luxury seriously, although low key. A respected businessman in the City will dress conservatively in suits from Seville Row and will often arrive at a business venue in a chauffeured luxury vehicle such as a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Knowing this, the foreign visitor who expects to conduct business on an equal plane will often arrange for prestige vehicle hire in London. British business protocol and tradition make it mandatory to arrive for a meeting on time, arriving in a vehicle that suits the occasion is not mandatory but it does help in establishing a mutual feeling of respect.

The beauty of the UK is the way its history and sense of tradition has moulded the mindset of these wonderful people. Although business meetings are conducted in a reserved and constrained manner, the same cannot be said for the people one meets when travelling in the countryside. Many foreign business people take the opportunity while they are in the UK to keep the prestigious vehicle they hired for use in the City and use it to comfortably tour through villages and hamlets that have remained true to their roots for centuries.

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