Double glazed windows offer numerous benefits

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Double glazed windows in Esher are made from two panes of glass in a common frame, the panes are separated by a gap of approximately 3/4 inch, the gap is filled with gas or air and the assembly is sealed. The objective of double glazed windows is to provide better insulation against low outdoors temperatures and to reduce heat loss. Heat loss is a major problem with single pane windows, and although it is inevitable that there will be some loss, double glazing is far more efficient both from a comfort point of view and an energy conservation point of view. The glass that is used in many double glazed windows has a special coating on the surface; this coating prevents excessive heat from getting into the room in the summer and keeps the heat in the room in the winter. Double glazing is widely used in new home construction as well as retrofitting.

Double glazed windows in Esher can be manufactured with different types of glass including decorative, the most common glass used however is low emissivity glass. Low E glass is a high performance product which has an invisible metallic layer on the surface as well as a coating. There are numerous coatings that can be used to accommodate different climatic conditions. What is known as “high solar gain glass” is favoured in those parts of the country which enjoy cool summers and quite cold winters. Moderate solar gain glass lets in less heat than high solar gain glass without the loss of light; this glass is commonly used in those parts of the country which enjoy moderate summers and winters.

The common inert gas which is used in the void between the two panes of glass is argon; this gas is a better insulator than simply air. Argon gas allows less heat to escape the room and less cold to enter during the winter months due to its high density, is this density that makes for a superior buffer over air. Double glazed windows in Esher are manufactured in a factory, they are sealed tight which eliminates any potential problems with condensation forming between the glass panes. You can visit here to get more details.

There are a number of benefits to double glazing. They certainly reduce the cost of fuel during the year, they require very little maintenance, act as a noise barrier and are more secure than a single pane window; not only that, double glazed windows increase the resale value of a home.

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