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Many people who head off on a short break or holiday end up booking a hotel for their accommodation whilst they are away. Many of these hotels are part of big chains and with the number of people that can end up staying at them at any given time the service and attention to detail can be compromised, which in turn can have an impact on the quality of your stay and how much you enjoy your time away.

Fortunately, there are other options available if you want to enjoy a truly memorable experience when you go on your break. Selecting accommodation that is smaller, individual and provides a personal service to guests can really help to enhance your time away, which is why many people decide to look at alternatives such as a holiday home.

Why choose a holiday home?

There are many reasons why choosing a holiday home can help to make your time away more enjoyable and more memorable. Some of the key benefits that you will be able to look forward to include:

* A more relaxing atmosphere: When you stay at a large hotel chain, the atmosphere can be quite frantic especially if you go at peak times of the year when a lot of other people will be staying. In a holiday home, you can enjoy a peaceful haven in which to relax after enjoying your days out.

* Personal service: At big hotels you simply don’t tend to get any form of personal service, as the hotel staff often has far too many guests to deal with. However, at a holiday home you can enjoy personal service because you won’t be competing with huge numbers of other guests.

* Great locations: The big name hotels are often located in crowded city centres and other urban areas. If you’re looking for a break that is relaxing and will help you to rejuvenate, a holiday home is the perfect option.

These are just some of the key benefits that you get by selecting a holiday home rather than a big name hotel for your next holiday.

If you want to find out more about hiring a holiday home for your next holiday, you can get in touch with the accommodation specialists at Sink Green Farm Guesthouse and B&B.