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We all need to escape sometimes, whether it’s because of work-related stresses or simply to mix up the daily routine. Should you be thinking about having a mini vacation with friends or family, it’s worth renting a holiday home for some peace and quiet. There are many guesthouses and B&B’s scattered around the United Kingdom, many of which are available to visit at a moment’s notice. From self-catering breaks near the seaside to all-inclusive holidays in breath taking destinations, there are plenty of options to consider. Before you pack your bags and road trip it to the first place you find, there are a few things you should think about.

The Location

Before you start searching for a holiday home, think about the type of break you want. Will it be action-packed or relaxed? Are you a nature lover or do you prefer home comforts? If you want to indulge in activities like horseback riding, archery and hiking, choose a holiday home in a rural location. An urban destination may be more up your street if you want to visit local theatres, attractions and businesses. Refrain from booking a room at a guesthouse that sits on a busy road if you want silence.

The Amenities

The whole point of booking a stay in a holiday home is to put your feet up and be taken care of, so don’t overlook the amenities when making a decision! Amenities will differ from place to place but some popular bedroom amenities to look out for include DAB radio, digital TV and central heating. A hospitality tray is a plus, because it will be full of essentials, like coffee, sugar, tea and fresh milk. If you are a business person, opt for a holiday home with free WiFi, so that you can stay in touch with work colleagues and clients when away.

The Rating

You wouldn’t book a stay in a hotel without looking at the rating or even eat at a restaurant without checking the reviews, so don’t ignore ratings when seeking out a holiday home. Establishments must meet a certain standard and will be assessed by UK tourist authorities before being rated. Pay attention to how the holiday home is categorised to get a better feel for its amenities. Categories include Farmhouse, B&B, Inn, and Guest House.

Sink Green Farm guesthouse is snuggled into the heart of the countryside, where rich livestock roam. Call 01432 870 223 if you would like to enjoy a memorable stay at this holiday home.