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Did you know that a much warmer winter can be enjoyed when you pay for double glazing installation in Southampton? Double glazing has rapidly grown in popularity over the years, because not only does it allow homeowners to relax in a comfortable climate but also, it reduces energy costs. When you think about the fact that single-glazed windows are responsible for approximately 50-70 percent of home heat loss, double glazing is probably one of the wisest home improvement choices you can make. If you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected fees when you pay at the close of an installation project, discover what affects the price of getting these windows fitted.

Home Renovation, Extension or Repair

What is the scope of the project you want the window installation expert to perform? If it is a repair, you will likely pay a lot less for double glazing installation in Southampton than you would for a big home renovation. A home renovation will involve replacing every single window on the property, whereas repairs (hopefully) will not. The square footage of the extension will also affect the price, with larger extensions requiring more labour and materials.

Frames or No Frames?

If the frames on your existing windows are in good condition, it might be possible for double glazing installation in Southampton to be completed without new frames being fitted. However, if the frames have air leaks or don’t look quite as flawless as they once did, it’d be worth paying extra for new frames. The amount you can expect to pay depends entirely on what framing material you choose. UPVC is a reliable and affordable option, but metal frames are a stronger, yet slightly more expensive option. Natural materials, like wood, may also be more expensive than UPVC.

Choosing a Fitting Company

Finally, you should have a really good think about which fitting company you want to work with for glazing installation in Southampton. While one company may charge a lot more for a higher standard of work, another might offer great deals, but with poor quality workmanship. Comparing tradesmen in your area is easy if you use the Internet as your sidekick. Simply type in “glazing fitters” followed by your location into the search engines and your search will be returned with a list of tradesmen in your area and their ratings. Reading reviews is an easy way to filter out the bad from the good. If a company boasts a website, this is a good sign.

Your double glazing installation in Southampton can be completed by the team at ABCO Windows. They have over 30 years of experience in the double glazing industry.