Factors to Consider when looking for a Storage Unit

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Business

When relocating, there are times when you need to store your property in a storage unit for different reasons. In most cases, people store property that they do not plan to use in their new location. As you look for a storage unit, remember to consider these factors so that you can get the most out of the storage unit;

* The unit – The state of the unit determines the safety of your property. So, before paying for storage services, visit the site where the unit is located and check whether the unit is climate controlled, insured and bonded. A climate controlled storage unit keeps your belonging in good condition in all weather conditions.

* Size – Look for storage in Leicestershire where your property fits in. The storage should be a little larger so that your property is not too squeezed.

* The staff – To understand how the storage company handles their clients; talk to their staff at the storage in Leicestershire. Ask them about their prices and request them to allow you to have a look at the facility inside. Their attitude translates to the company’s values towards their clients.

* Location – The storage unit should be located close to your new premises. This makes it very convenient to visit the site and collect property anytime. Make sure to store your products where you can access them anytime.

* Security – Does the storage company offer 24hour security? Are there security cameras, guards and alarms? You need to be confident that your property will be safe wherever you store it.

At Pip-Ewart, we offer secure climate controlled storage facilities at reasonable prices. Our staff members are professional and are always ready to assist our clients by offering helpful information, answering their questions and in other ways.

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