Facts about Storage Units

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Mover

Are you looking for a place to store your extra property in the house or property you do not intend to use soon after moving? You need a storage unit. Here are some tips that will help make your experience with storage in Market Harborough pleasant;

* Remember all storage facilities are different – Storage companies differ when it comes to cleanliness, security measures, customer service, packaging materials, temperature control, and availability of moving trucks.

* Security – Padlocks and security gates are not enough to offer security in a storage facility. The padlocks can be cut using bolt cutters by burglars so they are not sufficient security measures. Make sure the storage facility that you use has video cameras, alarms on the doors that are only deactivated by your key and that there is 24-hour security at the site.

* Rent increases – Talk to the manager about how often they increase their rent and especially how long your rent will remain unchanged. This is important so that you do not store your property in a place where the rent becomes unaffordable after two or so months if they decide to increase it. Ensure the company includes the terms of rent increase in the agreement.

* Climate controlled units – Fabrics, wooden property and other fragile goods get damaged when they are stored in a place where the weather keeps changing. Climate controlled units use air conditioning and heating systems to maintain a consistent climate.

* Insurance – No one plans for accidents but plan to protect yourself when they happen by insuring the property you plan to store in the storage Market Harborough.

* Saving space – Store the items that you need more often close to the entrance for easy accessibility. Disassemble any item that can be disassembled to increase space. Create more storage space by storing folded clothes in the drawers located in dressers.

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