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Finding a good plumber can be an absolutely laborious task, but the rewards of finding one that is skilled and experienced at his trade are worth the trouble. The job will take a small amount of time and will require few follow-up tasks if any. The question then becomes; how do you identify a plumber who will give you a valuable service among plumbers in Devon? What are you as a home owner to look for? Here are some helpful pointers that will indicate if the plumber is ready for the job or not.

* Certification – This shows that a plumber is registered with a governing body and his work and services to meet the minimum requirements. A good example is the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors, which registers qualified individuals and companies in the industry.

* Pricing – Here you should consider if the plumber quotes the price over the phone, or after a physical assessment, his hourly rate and the specificities of what his pricing includes. A good plumber should have the details of his quotation well spelled out, and do an assessment of the work first to determine its cost more accurately. A cheap hourly rate quotation may result into a more expensive bill if the plumber is inexperienced.

* Training and experience – It will be detrimental to your wallet in the long run if you only consider the cost and ignore important factors such as whether or not the plumber has had any training and experience. A plumber who can provide evidence of his training and experience is likely to provide a better service and at a faster rate than one who is a novice at the trade.

* References – There are numerous sites online that readily give reviews of plumbing services and you can refer to them while considering contracting a plumber. However, if the prospective plumber does not have any online reviews, he should be willing and able to provide references of people he has previously worked for. If he is not able to, it may mean he is new in the business or with a poor job performance.

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