Cavity walls have been known for offering your home better protection against any elements, and it can also help reduce the loss of heat from the external walls. There are many different types of wall ties. They are generally made from metal, and are regularly coated with bitumen, or they can also be coated with zinc.

Why Wall Ties Are Important

As years begin to pass, and as the seasons begin to change, the weather changes soil pressure. At different times of the year the soil can go from extremely dry to extremely wet, which can cause the walls of your basement to fail. As your home gets older you may notice cracks in the walls. If your basement holds water it can also cause problems and create bulging of the walls. If this type of damage goes untreated, it can result in the basement collapsing. You need to get in touch with the experts for the installation of wall ties in Brighton.

How Wall Ties Are Installed

The professionals can provide you with wall tie installation that is guaranteed to keep your home in great condition. Some issues you may be noticing that call for wall ties are stepped cracking in masonry or mortar joints and walls that bulge. It could be that there weren’t enough wall ties installed when your home was originally build and you have an insufficient number of them installed originally. When you need wall tie replacement it consists of two walls that are separated by a space called a cavity. The walls are then ‘tied’ at calculated intervals using certain types of wall ties. Wall tie replacements are known to prevent any need for major rebuilding of a structure in the future. Let the experts handle your wall tie replacement services so you can rest at ease.

If your cavity wall tie is failing, Cavitytech Systems Ltd has a fully trained and highly experienced surveyors have a range of solutions to solve the problem.