Finding The Right Fridge Freezer For You

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If you are a St Albans resident looking for a new fridge freezer, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you buy the best one to suit your specific needs. It would be a waste of money to buy a model with features that you don’t need, or to buy one with not enough features to suit your needs.

There are so many features available for fridge freezers that it is almost impossible to list them all, but here are some of the most important ones with a very brief description of them.

It is crucial that the fridge freezer has adjustable shelves, preferably made of glass. Some come with wire shelving and this can be incredibly inconvenient if there is a spillage, as the liquid will drip down onto other items. This is not only messy but also potentially unhygienic if the liquid comes from chicken or meat. It is also important that they are adjustable so that you can move them about to fit your needs, for example bottles will require more space.

The thermostat controller of the fridge should be as simple to operate as possible. As this controls both the fridge and freezer it is essential that you are able to understand it. The settings should be expressed as numbers or symbols. A digital display is preferable.

Another hugely important function is that the freezer is frost-free. This eliminates the need for defrosting. Frost-free freezers tend to be more expensive.

The type of drawers that a fridge freezer has is also hugely important and can make a big difference to the ease of use. For example, the drawers should really be clear glass or plastic so that you can see what’s inside. They should be of a size big enough to hold all of your salad, for example. This is known as a salad crisper and should come as standard in most models.

Some special treats to look for in a fridge freezer that are non-essential are things like water dispensers or ice dispensers, which can be very useful. Bottle racks are also useful but take up a lot of space so will only be found in larger fridges.

A final tip for those shopping for a fridge freezer in St Albans is to make sure the door opens on a side that is suitable for your kitchen. It would be a real shame to buy a wonderful new fridge freezer only to find that you can’t open it properly. Believe it not this is a common mistake.

Shopping for a fridge freezer in St Albans couldn’t be easier, especially if you know what you need in advance.

Shopping for freezers in St Albans can be quick and easy if you know what make and model you want. Joe Graham has everything to suit your needs at the right price.


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