Give the Gift of Flight

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Flight School

If you are looking for unique gift idea for a friend or a family member consider purchasing them a flying experience in Exeter. There is almost nothing better than the feeling you experience when flying high above the beautiful English countryside. In fact, many will agree that the entire sensation of flight is quite addictive. Whether the recipient is young or old, a gift voucher for an air experience flight is the perfect present for any occasion.

Getting Yourself Off the Ground

The first thing to decide is the length of your flight. This is perfect for those who may be interested in flying, but have yet to give it a try. After all, how can one really know if flying is for them unless they have experienced it first hand? Be sure to purchase your experience with a flight school that offers hands on flying the majority of the time. Once the flight experience is over, and you have determined that it is something you may want to pursue, the time you have spent in the air can be applied to your Pilot’s logbook, and you will have your first official hour under your belt. If a commitment to attaining a pilot’s license is not in the cards for you at the moment, you can take home your ‘first flight’ certificate as a memento of your amazing experience.

A Gift to Remember for Years to Come

Another great feature of gifting an air experience flight is that you can choose your destination. This can take an already amazing gift, and make it even more sentimental. Imagine what it might feel like to experience a meaningful destination with your loved one from the sky. Contact a flight school in your area to see what types of flight experiences they have to offer. Browse site for more details.

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