Hiring a Quality Building Surveyor to Inspect Your New Property

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Home

If you have decided to purchase a new property, then you want to do everything you can to make sure that it is the right one for you. For example, does it have enough bedrooms, is the garden big enough, and does it contain a dining room large enough to accommodate your family. A lot of thoughts are placed into these considerations, because the new property will likely be your home for years to come. When purchasing a new property, it can be hard to concentrate on the structural aspects, especially if you don’t understand the urgency of each repair. This is where a building surveyor comes in. A building surveyor will work with you, telling you the overall condition of the property and whether or not the condition is worth the asking price. This can go a long way when you’re making such a large investment, not to mention that it can also help to save you money for the future.

Things to Look Out For In Your New Property

When you hire a building surveyor, they will analyse the overall condition of the property, including the drains, the gas, heating system and even the roof. If you notice that there is a specific area of concern in your new property, then you should take this to your surveyor. This could be anything from cracks in the wall to trees in the garden and even the cabling. For example, the cracks in the wall may be something to ignore, but they may indicate structural movement which can be potentially dangerous if left over time. Another thing to think about is the trees in the garden. They might look great, but if they are disrupting the foundation then you certainly need to sort them out. This can all add extra expense to your property, and it helps to know where you stand in terms of your repairs.

Danger Areas in Your Home

Building surveyors in Swindon can also help you to stay clear from potentially dangerous properties. This can include anything from dangerous two-core cabling and old cracked ceilings. Although these can be repaired, the repairs may not be worth the value of the property and your building surveyor can really help you out in this instance. Whether you have a specific issue in mind or if you simply want a whole house survey, a building surveyor is an important asset to every property purchase.

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