How To Buy And Use Chewing Tobacco

by | May 6, 2016 | Business Support

It may surprise you to know that chewing tobacco became popular because of Major League Baseball players. Because they couldn’t smoke on the field, they use it and spit it out periodically until it was banned, and they started using gum and other things in their mouths during play. Though it isn’t any safer and can still cause mouth cancer, it is becoming an alternative to cigarettes for those who still want a nicotine source without the bans associated with smoking.

Different Options

When you go to buy chewing tobacco, you’ll likely notice various forms available. Chew is a loose and sweetened product made from the leaves of the tobacco plant. It is held between the gum and cheek for hours at a time.

Snuff is similar, but finely grinds the leaves or shreds them. It comes in both wet and dry forms and is found in pouches and tins. A pinch is used between the gum and lower lip or gum and cheek and some people sniff the dry form up the nose.

A plugged version is the same as traditional chew, but pressed into a brick form, usually with molasses or syrup. This helps to sweeten the product, and you use it by biting or cutting off a piece and using as you would with traditional chew.

Snus is a newer version of chew, and is considered both smokeless and spit-less. It is used similarly as traditional chew but you leave it in for about half an hour and discard the wad without spitting out the juices.

How To Buy

If you’re planning on buying chewing tobacco, it’s best to understand more about it. There are multitudes of brands out there, so it may be best to do some research and decide which one you may prefer. Buying online can be less expensive and easier, but make sure you choose a reputable source.

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