Why Marlboro Cigarettes Are Still So Popular

by | May 6, 2016 | Business

The Marlboro brand has been around since 1924, meaning it has been a marketable product for almost 100 years. It was first launched as a cigarette for women, but a similar brand was also being marketed for women at the time, and it didn’t go over very well. Once scientists proved that smoking was linked to lung cancer in the 1950s, the company choose to remarket Marlboro cigarettes as a men’s cigarette. During the 50s, filters were considered safer than non-filtered brands.

How Come They’re Still Popular?

Many times, well-known brands stop trying and then wonder why their product starts to fail. However, the crackdown on marketing for smoking and smoking-related products could be one of the reasons that the brand has stayed steady. For one thing, newer brands are finding it harder to get noticed, and more people prefer to stick with the brand they know and love since it costs so much for their habit.


It is amazing that one brand of cigarette could have so many different varieties. A prime example is the Marlboro brand of cigarettes, which has reds, golds, silvers, blacks, 72s, 27s, Edge, NXT, Southern Cut, Menthols, and Smooths. Most of the varieties also come in 100s and Kings, which are sizes. Kings are usually slightly smaller than 100s and may be wider or fatter. However, the 72s are shorter by a few millimetres, making it stronger and harsher.

The red is the full-flavour version while the gold is the light one. If you’re looking for ultra-light, you’ll choose a silver package. Blacks are bolder knockoffs of the original red and come in both menthol and non-menthol options.

While the traditional ones are the red, gold, silver and black, other varieties are available, including milder and sweeter blends, options that allow you to “crush” the filter to release menthol and more.

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