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It is important to maintain car tyres correctly as this will ensure that the car is safe to drive. Maintaining cars will also mean that the tyres will last for a bit longer. In the past a normal car tyre has been known to last for between twenty five thousand and thirty thousand miles. Nowadays tyres will last for three times longer than they used to.  Although the tyres may have plenty of tread it is important to get them check annually. There are some things that you can do in order to care for the tyres in Petersfield and extend the amount of usage.

It is good idea to ensure that the tyres have plenty of pressure in them and this should be done on a regular basis. The pressure of the tyres should be consistent with what is stated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The recommended pressure for the tyres will be in the manual for your car or it will be on the car wither inside the front door or in the glove compartment. There is some old tales that say that the pressure should be kept low however this is not the case at all. Driving the car with low-pressure tyres in Petersfield will wear them down quicker due to the increased amount of friction. Low pressure will also cost you some mileage.

As the temperature drop is the best time to check the pressure of the tyres, as the pressure tends to fall around a degrees for every temperature drop of ten degrees. The temperature difference between summer and winter tends to be about fifty degrees, which will mean that the tyre pressure will fall by about five.

Rotating the tyres every six months is a good idea, as it will help to maintain a consistent amount of water. In order to ensure that you do not forget to do this it can be done when the clocks change. When replacing tyres pick ones that have a low rolling consistency. When you need to get your tyres replaced there is no need to get the same brand as you previously had, however it is best to choose one that will allow you to have better mileage. It is good idea to seek advice from professionals when it comes to getting suitable tyres for your car. It is important to get tyres aligned as this will ensure that you do not need to replace the tyres too often and also poorly aligned tyres make the car unsafe to drive.