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When you think how to transfer money to India from UK it only takes a simple search on the term ‘money transfer India’ on Google it throws up a plethora of results on how you can send money to your family back in India. Over the years, the phrase ‘money transfer to India’ has almost become synonymous with sending money to the family. This theory is further reinforced by the kind of advertising the different service provider’s use. All communication is focused on transferring money to India for what is known in banking parlance as ‘family maintenance’.

While this obviously points to the fact that NRIs are concerned about their loved ones. Actually, the facts are quite to the contrary. While a large number of transactions for money transfer to India come for the upkeep of the family, in terms of value, most of the money goes towards investments.

If you make regular payments overseas you may benefit from using an online money transfer service. A growing number of money transfer companies or foreign currency brokers as they are sometimes known offer online money transfer platforms that allow you to take total control of your money transfer conversions and payments. Online money transfer services can save you time and money.

Using an online money transfer service is easy; you simply register with your chosen provider and can start trading instantly. Each online money transfer platform will give you access to live exchange rates and some will also offer you the chance of buying forward rates. Once you click to confirm your trade you will receive instant confirmation.

Most online money transfer services include a free demo account which you can trial before proceeding with an actual trade to check that you are comfortable with that specific trading platform.

If you do need to make regular payments overseas but do not yet feel confident enough to use an online system you should speak to a member of the customer services team at one of the leading online brokers who can guide you through the process and help you to understand how to carry out a transaction successfully and confidently. All of the currency brokers listed within the Compare Currency online money transfer table offer outstanding customer service and their knowledgeable customer services team can put your mind at ease incredibly quickly and help to show you how easy it is to carry out a currency transaction.