Luxurious French Doors as Interior Doors

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Doors and Windows

French doors ooze with luxury. They can be made from mahogany or oak. They offer you countless options to use all at a pocket friendly price depending on your budget. Their aesthetic nature makes them ideal for use in the interior and the exterior parts of your home.

When used in the inside, they can be decorative or functional. French doors can be used to separate rooms, in your kitchen, laundry room, your home office, and on furniture such as cupboards and wardrobes. For external use, the doors can be used at the back or front or as patio doors. For a taste of these doors, you can fit;

* Traditional French doors fitted with mullion for your backyard or between the master bath and the master bedroom.

* French doors with grooved glass anywhere on the inside of your home. The glass allows light to pass through. This gives the door a luxurious and rich look as the glass looks like crystal when light reflects on it.

* Interior French doors bevelled with glass between your kitchen and dining area or for the home office are or between the master bathroom and bath and lastly, on your way to the den.

Due to the aesthetic value of the French door, they add value to your home. In case you plan on selling your home, these doors are ideal to increase your home’s value. A home should be a place where when you walk in, you do not want to leave. Theses doors give your home that feeling. You can use them if you want to give your doors in Farnham a makeover.

When you think of French doors, think P & P Glass where you can find uPVC, the Hambledon AG210, Aluminium and hardwood French doors.

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