Maintaining The Integrity and Character of Your Home’s Windows

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Home Improvement

Maintaining your windows can add value and beauty to your home; this is particularly true for period or listed homes that feature sash and case windows. While these traditional windows add elegant characteristics to your home’s interior and exterior, they often leave a lot to be desired as far as heating, cooling, and noise is concerned. Loose sash and case windows rattle with strong gusts of wind, resulting in the inability to fully relax or even sleep disturbances. By bringing your sash and case windows up-to-date, you are able to effectively eliminate draughts, various noises, noise pollution from the environment you live in, and leaks. While it is always tempting to preserve and restore windows to their historical glory as a sort of DIY affair, it is a wise decision still to enlist the help of professionals.

Enjoy the Advantages of Proper Functioning Windows in Your Listed Home

While there are a few drawbacks to sash and casement windows there are also plenty of advantages. For instance, sash style windows are safer for your children as the top sash can be opened for ventilation while the bottom remains safely shut. Additionally, the bottom sash is often equipped with a side hinge so it can swing open into the house for easier cleaning. Most people assume windows are pretty straightforward. You open and shut them, but the mechanisms that make them function that way aren’t always easy to understand for the common individual. Do you know how to repair a broken sash cord? Professional window restorers and installers already have all the necessary tools and most importantly the experience needed in order to safely un-stick those painted shut windows without damaging the glass or framework.

Avoid Damaging Your Windows by Hiring the Pros

Before you get decide to toss your windows in the skip, consider seeking the help of professionals who specialize in sash & casement windows service in Edinburgh. Companies like James Birkett Construction are well versed in restoring and repairing sash and casement windows. They offer free consultations and can offer their guidance and expertise when you need to determine which window solutions are best for you.

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