The Benefits Afforded to Property Owners When They Utilise Secondary Glazing

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Home Improvement

Secondary glazing window solutions are not the same as double glazing. Double glazed windows usually involve the installation on completely new window units, whereas secondary glazing is a supplemental method that involves adding additional glazed panels to your existing windows. Since secondary glazing allows homeowners to keep their existing units it is a far less expensive route when seeking to improve the quality of your home’s windows. One of the main advantages to either type of glazing is the benefit of increased energy efficiency within your home. A poorly crafted or ill-maintained window, like those usually found in listed or period homes can mean extremely high energy bills. Another advantage of secondary glazing is a significant decrease in noise pollution, allowing for a more relaxing atmosphere and restful uninterrupted sleep.

Preserving Our History with Frameless Secondary Glazing

Understandably, much of the appeal of living in a listed or period home comes from the way it looks. The windows of a home have a huge impact on its aesthetics, and secondary glazing is the perfect way to maintain the integrity, history and charm of your property without altering the original window units. This method of maintaining your home’s beauty can be particularly successful when frameless glazing panels are used. These panels are installed on the insides of your existing windows and do not encumber your interior or exterior view. Most window solution professionals can also help fully restore your windows before installing secondary glazing; this allows complete preservation of your home’s particular time period.

You Can Have It All with Secondary Glazing

If you are considering secondary glazing services around Edinburgh, the professionals at James Birkett Construction can help. Their high quality frameless secondary glazing showcases the beauty of your home, effectively eliminates noise pollution, and helps to decrease your energy bills. Contact their offices today to set up a free estimate or consultation.

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