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Oak flooring in Exeter from a reliable supplier will not only enhance your property now but it will last for many lifetimes. Oak flooring was historically the flooring of choice because of its durability and beauty. This type of flooring is a great option for many different reasons. You can easily replace your current flooring with durable, beautiful oak wood if you have the right source to get the flooring from!

Why Oak?

Oak is one of the “hard woods”. It can withstand a great deal of foot traffic without ever showing a mar or wear. It can instantly beautify any area of the home and will provide years and years of beautiful service. Choosing a “real” wood over an engineered version is preferable when quality is at stake. Real wood can be sanded when necessary and can be touched up as needed. Engineered options do not allow you to maintenance them through the years as well as woods.

Hardwood is favourable because:

* It does not dent or ping as easily as other species of wood

* It can tolerate climate changes well

* It typically does not warp under exposure to water and moisture as quickly as other woods

* It is an easy floor to maintain throughout the years

Hard wood is especially favoured for flooring options because you do not have to be delicate with it. It can sustain a great deal of use without ever losing its beauty. It can handle the heat of the summers and the cold of the winters and the indoor climate control features like heat and air conditioning well.

It can also be somewhat moisture resistant so it can be used with confidence in even the kitchen or bath.

Oak can be refinished throughout the years as needed! Blamphayne Sawmills LTD is the preferred source for your oak flooring.