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A regular remitter normally searches for a remittance service, which provides efficiency, dependability and affordability. Loads of overseas Indians in Canada practice online money transfer as they deem that online money transfer to India from Canada is stress-free, smooth and fast. With economic globalization occurring steadily, migration is also happening progressively. Because of that, the trend of remitting money from overseas to India also exists. It is natural that the migrant workforce overseas desires to remit a portion of their hard-earned money to their birthplace. The reason could be to assist their Indian relatives or to increase their financial stability in their Indian bank account.

Many established online money transfer services charge no transfer fee for remitting money to India as long as the money remitted is above a certain level. Even if a transfer fee is levied, it is low and much lower than the transfer fees imposed by traditional remittance methods. Thus, with online money transfer services, there is a cheap money transfer to India with no hidden fees.

Online money transfer services remit money faster than conventional money transfer services, with the latter taking much more time to transfer money to India. The ability to track the status of online money transfers is an added advantage of online remittance services. This facility is not available in conventional remittance services.

Thus, when such comforts are provided by the online remittance platform, it is natural for the senders to swing towards the online remittance option. After all, remitters do not want to pay more transfer fees and have an expensive money transfer.