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If you live in the city, you know how all the hustle and bustle, not to mention the pollution, can become stressful. Taking a holiday in the countryside where the surroundings are quiet, clean and green is a fantastic way to reinvigorate the body, mind and soul. Even if you are not particularly an outdoors enthusiast, a countryside vacation will do your senses a lot of good.

Whether you want some time alone for reflection, a romantic getaway or a holiday with the whole family, there are few better options for a peaceful vacation which still offers a unique experience than spending time at a farmhouse bed and breakfast. Here, you will enjoy fresh air and the great outdoors plus a glimpse of farm life.

Farmhouse Holiday Features and Amenities

A farmhouse in itself already makes for an extraordinary accommodation, especially houses which have retained most of their original architectural structures such as oak panels and doors, beams, flagstone floors and a stone fireplace. The bedrooms are nicely decorated and have spectacular views of the outdoors. Modern amenities would include digital TVs, radios and central heating. Many farmhouse B&Bs feature gardens and play areas, a summer house where you can have tea or BBQ, a games room, a hot tub or a heated indoor pool.

In addition to a comfortable and cozy accommodation, one of the highlights of staying at a farmhouse B&B is the food. Guests will delight in fresh, farm-grown food such as free-range eggs and seasonal vegetables. Some farms serve their own homemade bacon or pork sausages for breakfast along with freshly baked breads and their own jams.

Farmhouse Holiday Things to Do

Being on vacation in a countryside bed and breakfast, you will naturally have many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors such as horseback riding, mountain biking, playing ball games and going on nature walks. Usually, there would be a lake or river close to the accommodation, which is ideal for picnics. A countryside B&B also gives easy access to farmer’s markets where you can relish the best of the season’s harvest.

If you have little kids and you choose to stay at a farmhouse, not only will you be surrounded by lovely scenery but you will also be introducing your children to life in the country, show them the beauty of nature so they will grow up appreciating it and give them a chance to meet farm animals. They may also be able to play with them or feed them. The experience of being in close contact with nature, the scent of the outdoors, and the feeling of freedom which wide open spaces tend to give will leave you and your family with wonderful lifetime memories – something you will not get from a typical hotel stay. Contact Sink Green Farm for more information about bed and breakfast accommodations.