Putting a Brave Fascia on it

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Home Improvement

A fascia or fascia board is a flat board which is placed on an architectural structure. It generally sits underneath the edge of a roof and is a face board, a sort of finishing trim that while situated vertically it runs horizontally along the underside of the roof, near the guttering. In Latin, the word ‘fascia’ means ‘swathe’ or ‘bandage’ or ‘ribbon’ and while the term is rarely used in other contexts it can be referred to in connection with any flat ribbon-like strip that is attached to the front face of a building or structure.

On most, if not all homes in the United Kingdom you will see fascias & soffits as part of the construction of the roof. The soffit is the horizontal flat board that is laid on the underside of the where the roof meets the walls. You can also see a similar version on the underside or inside of an archway or on architrave, or as the exposed part of the roof eave which overhangs the walls.

Thanks to Latin and French for most of our words the word ‘soffit’ comes from the French ‘Soffite’ which loosely translates to ‘ceiling’. It is actually a piece of wood or plaster that does indeed run parallel to the ceiling, but is a lower point of contact. Anything that runs from two or so inches up to about three feet could be construed as a soffit, rather than a piece of ceiling.

Replacing the Fascias and Soffits

In places like Wales, or border cities like Wrexham, Ross-on-Wye, Hereford, and other border cities, there is a larger amount of rainfall compared to many other parts of the country. This is largely due to the mountainous terrain in most of Wales. Although the mountains are not terribly high, they do attract and collect clouds, which in turn produce wetter weather. This can mean that many homes in these areas are prone to water damage or severe weather on a more frequent basis, which in turn makes wood deteriorate faster than in a slightly warmer and less wet climate. Checking your soffits and fascias on a regularly basis can prevent further damage, so have a look at them at least once a year, just before winter.

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