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Just ask any caravan owner and you can bet your last buck that they will defend their choice to the hilt. They are staunch and fanatical about their traveling hotels and they will never cease to hitch those beasts up to their vehicle every summer and stubbornly enjoy their annual getaway. Not only that, but every Bank Holiday you can bet that same last buck that they will be heading down to the nearest coastal resort to enjoy the three day weekend, regardless of the weather. That’s what caravan owners do. It’s what they know and it is a culture that they will not give up.

What is a caravan?

Well, it’s not the old fashioned but tastefully creative Gypsy caravan of the old Romany Gypsies, but a very modern, convenient home-from-home that has wheels, hitches to the back of a vehicle and can house a small family. Caravan Sales in town such as Maidstone will offer the typical style of caravan, with white bodies, white or silver trim, two to ten births in size, with all mod-cons including TV, stove, microwave, comfy beds, and plug sockets. A caravan is a trailed vehicle without its own form of power or an engine. It must be trailed behind a self-propelled vehicle and it can be up to forty feet long.

In the United States of America one of the most popular older forms of travel trailer was the silver ‘Airstream’ trailer, which started life in the 1920’s when a chap names Wally Byam built one out of Masonite is his own back garden. The silver ‘bullet shaped’ trailers were home to many people who traveled around. These people didn’t call themselves Gypsies in the old fashioned term, but they were certainly nomadic in many respects.

The great British Summer wouldn’t be the same without struggling to get down the M2 behind a whole trail of caravans. Most people resent getting stuck behind one because they desire the open road, but, if anyone lives in the south of England they should be used to the traffic now and the M2 is by no means a quite stretch of motorway, but the joys of caravanning is part of the ride.

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