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EDPM can be ballasted, mechanically attached or fully adhered. The best way is the fully adhered system. The roof is glued to an existing roof by an EPDM roofing specialist. The roof has numerous benefits which is why more and more people are opting to install the roofing system.

Light and Flexible Material

If your roof has weight bearing issues, then you should consider EPDM rubber roofing in Bristol. It is also good for contoured roofs or roofs with irregular shapes. It can also be used for high slope applications and a wide range of buildings with varying geometrical configurations and sizes. If you live in a place which experiences high wind, EPDM is a good choice. It has a high resistance to high wind, so it is good for tall buildings. Since the membrane is fully adhered to the existing roof, there is zero tendency of the roof being blown way. EPDM is resistant to high temperature. People living in extremely hot places can install this roof and be at peace as their roof will remain intact even during very hot weather.

It is Simply Beautiful

Commercial premises owners use EPDM due to its aesthetic value. It has colours which are pleasing to the eyes. Since the experts use adhesive products which cannot be easily seen, it makes the roof clean and very attractive to look at. The tidy finish also makes the roof have an overall uniform appearance.

Tested and proven to be the Long Lasting

Singly ply adhered roofs have proven to have a great track record and exemplary performance value over time. The roofing material can last for even 50 years. This makes the roof very cost effective. Most EPDM roof installation companies offer 20 years warranty for the roofing. The flexibility and the high quality of the material make it a choice for many people. Browse site for more details.