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When it comes to choosing the right style of window, you can’t go wrong with sash windows in Tunbridge Wells. They’re only a little less popular than casement windows and are a suitable match for period homes (Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian). These windows look beautiful and amazing. Plus, they can add a traditional touch to the house, which elevates the property. You may find that you can get a better asking price if you plan to sell because such windows add value to the home. Of course, they are highly versatile because of their traditional styling.

Most people want sash windows in Tunbridge Wells because they are more secure and safe. You can only open one panel at any given time. Therefore, it’s less likely that a thief can get through. Plus, most window makers now use double-glazed panes of glass. This means a potential thief must break through two panes and are likely to get a little shower of glass on them because of the gas between the glass. Most criminals don’t want to take that much time to break in, so they are likely to leave your home alone.

You may be worried about the maintenance requirements for sash windows in Tunbridge Wells. Of course, you don’t want to be repainting them every year and sanding them down all the time. Depending on the material used, these windows don’t need much maintenance. Generally, wooden ones are designed using microporous paint. This means that moisture can’t penetrate into the window and cause rot and mould growth. Plus, they don’t need to be repainted often, and you can easily wipe them down to clean them. The Window Sanctuary offers a variety of styles and options. Therefore, it is easy to get what you need. Please visit the website to learn more and schedule a consultation.