Timber Sash Windows in Tunbridge Wells

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Window Sanctuary

When it comes time to replace the windows, you want new ones that can last many years and look aesthetically pleasing. Of course, timber sash windows in Tunbridge Wells can last for centuries if they are taken care of properly, and they are highly popular because of it. It’s important to make sure that you choose something that is going to look good on the home. Wood is eye-catching, so it is going to add charm and character to the house. Plus, you can choose any stain or paint you like to match the surroundings.

It’s important to think about the planet, and timber sash windows in Tunbridge Wells are environmentally friendly. Wood uses the least amount of energy to process, produce, and transport than other materials. Plus, wooden windows can last a long time and can be reused and recycled, which prevents it from going to landfills and rotting. You’re also going to find that wood is a natural insulator and can keep the home more comfortable by retaining heat in the winter. Have a lower energy bill while staying warm and toasty inside the house.

While timber sash windows in Tunbridge Wells fit your home’s style, you may be more worried about maintenance. You probably don’t realise that advanced technology is available to prevent the wood from blistering and peeling. Plus, designs have come a long way, too, so there is less penetration of moisture and reduced water retention. The Window Sanctuary also uses micro-porous paint, so the windows can ‘breathe.’ This helps you have a low maintenance window because you aren’t going to have to paint it again for up to eight years. If you want to improve the look of your house, it is time to consider wooden sash windows. You can find a wide variety of options, so visit us today.

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