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Scaffolding is very helpful for construction projects and they are deigned to help people reach different heights in order to perform certain tasks safely. When you are looking for scaffolding in Edinburgh, there are three main types you have to choose from:

1). Self-Supported

This scaffolding is self-contained and can either be stationary or mounted on locking wheels for mobility. Typically, this type of scaffolding is made up of frames, pipes, platforms. A ladder will be used to club the scaffolding to the various platform levels where the work can be done on a more stable space than what a ladder could provide.

2). Suspended

As the name rightly suggests, this type of scaffolding features a design that allows the work platforms to be suspended in air usually with specially made rope or chains. Using a system of switches, pulleys, and levers, workers can move the platform up and down along the rope or chain to reach different levels of work area. They are commonly seen in tall building and skyscraper applications as they are the most convenient for accessing multiple levels that are very high off the ground.

3). Aerial

Whenever the work requires extreme heights or the need to be quickly and frequently lifted to different locations, aerial scaffolding may very well be the best choice of scaffolding. It is a basic platform that is mounted on a motorize device that can move and drive around. The platform can then be lifted up to the working level needed. The use of tethers and harness vests are used in all scaffolding applications and ensures the safety of the workers no matter what height they are working at.

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