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During the twentieth century, contractors started to create cavity walls on commercial and residential buildings. This was performed to help protect the interior of the building from the outside elements. In addition to decreasing how much heat was lost through the external walls. To secure the interior and exterior walls, wall ties in Brighton were placed inside the cavity to prevent the outside walls from falling away from the structure. However, over time these ties will begin to deteriorate and the bricks will start to pull away from the building to cause unsightly cracks, and the wall to crumble if they are not repaired.

Signs of Failing Wall Ties

Wall ties in Brighton are prone to rusting and will eventually break if they are not replaced. When the ties are exposed to moisture the metal will start to rust caused by the oxidisation of the metal. Vertical or horizontal cracking can be seen in the brickwork and left unattended it can risk the stability of the building to create a safety hazard. How quickly the ties are replaced can make a difference in whether the walls can be repaired or if the building will need to be demolished.

Do Not Delay Call an Expert Today!

If you have noticed signs of failing wall ties on your residential or commercial building, immediately call a professional to have the structure inspected. A certified staff member at CavityTech Systems Ltd can examine the problem and determine the type of issue that you may have. Once they have fully inspected your building, they can provide information on the solutions that are available. Their skilled experts can provide the high-quality services required to replace the wall ties and prevent future problems that can result in rebuilding your home or business.