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Many homes in Kent are beautiful, classic homes with a distinctive style. One of those style elements is often the traditional timber sash and casement windows. While traditional and elegant, these types of windows are often a lot of work and upkeep, particularly as it comes to maintaining the sash and casement and keeping them looking freshly painted.

A solution for many homeowners is the new options in aluminium windows. These windows come in a variety of styles to mimic the traditional timber sash and casement look. However, they are also virtually maintenance free, allowing for years of carefree enjoyment in any style and design.

Affordable, Low-Maintenance Windows

Homeowners in Kent may be very pleasantly surprised to find the cost of aluminium windows is very competitive to traditional window options. However, when considering the long-life cycle and the limited maintenance requirements, they are often a lower cost option than the actual price over the long term.

Adding a polyester powder coat to the surface of the aliminium from the factor creates the ideal surface. They will not chip, peel or fade and they are also extremely corrosion resistant, lasting for decades. Simply washing as needed to remove dust and debris is all the maintenance required.

Styles to Suit the Home

For existing homes or for new construction, aluminium windows come in a variety of styles and options to suit any architecture and design. They are very versatile and provide a slimline design to look beautiful from both the interior and exterior of the home.

Additionally, the choice of aluminium allows for thermal break sections, which is critical for energy efficiency and to reduce the issues with condensation. Adding these windows to any home is a choice a homeowner will never regret. At The Window Sanctuary, we offer two ranges of aluminium windows for any home in the Kent area. For more information, visit us online at