Specialist Scaffolding in Edinburgh – Which Type Suits Your Project?

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

All building projects, whether they are home improvements or railway construction projects, will need to be completed with specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh. A type of safety equipment, scaffolding it the basis of a wide range of construction projects. It does not just aid in construction but also, it enhances safety a great deal for the workers. As a result, fewer workers compensation claims will be filed and more incentives will be achieved. Before you call companies for quotes and pay for scaffolding services, find out which type is suitable for your construction project.

Heavy Duty Scaffolds

If you work in an environment where heavy materials and pieces of equipment are used on a regular basis, opt for heavy duty specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh. Most types of heavy duty scaffolding can hold weights of 450 kg or more per platform, but this can vary. To identify the correct scaffolds for the job, calculate the live and dead loads, figure out the scaffold duties and calculate the scaffold quantities. Used mainly by stone masons, bricklayers and demolition workers, heavy duty scaffolds will not struggle when faced with a lot of weight.

Access Tower Scaffolds

Will you be working at different heights for an upcoming construction or home improvement project? If so, it will be difficult to do this with normal scaffolding, which is where specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh comes in. Access tower scaffolds are made with an integral ladder system and in most cases, the scaffold will be lightweight. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, an access tower scaffold is a favoured choice among tradesmen and builders in all industries. Visit website to get more information.

Independent Scaffolds

A free-standing scaffold is also known as an independent scaffold and it is very similar to a putlog scaffold, which is actually tied into a property’s brickwork with tubes or putlogs, depending on which offers the most support. It is built with two rows of standards, both of which will be positioned parallel to the structure being worked on. Right angle couplers will be used to fix the standards in place and putlog couplers will be used to fix the transoms in place, so that the platform widths are supported in the right way. To further improve stability, diagonal braces will be fixed in place between the scaffolding standards.

Ensuring your project runs without delays is vital, Check It Scaffold Services are experts at providing scaffolding in Edinburgh for individuals and businesses.

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