Suppliers Can Provide Various Catering Equipment Options In Exeter

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Tools and Equipments

If you own a catering company or provide the service as a venue, you may decide you need new equipment or want to buy items that you now need. Suppliers in Exeter can help, as they offer many selections though it will be up to you and what you need. Almost any company could benefit from these options, include those in the hotel industry, as well as cafes, restaurants, bars/pubs and caterers.


If you are going to be doing a lot of caterer jobs in-house, you may find a benefit of having ovens and fryers in the location, making it easier to do the cooking. You may not be able to cook and take the items elsewhere, but when having events in-house, it will make it easier.


While some chefs declare that microwave ovens have no place in a kitchen, many times, they are the best choice for small jobs. If you need to heat a sauce or defrost something in a hurry, a microwave oven may be the easiest and quickest way to do so.

Hot Cabinets

When going to a caterer job outside of your home business, you’ll need to make sure you keep hot things warm until it is time to serve. Otherwise, the guests will be unhappy, and you’ll find it harder to get repeat business. Hot cabinets are the best option because they can be portable and easy to set up/use.

Dish/Glass Washers

For extended events, or ones where you don’t want to stay behind for hours cleaning, dish and glass washers can be extremely helpful. While in your restaurant or catering job, you’ll have large appliances, but taking smaller equipment with you can make clean-up easier and more manageable.

Electrical or Gas

If you are going to go out of your business to cater to others, you’ll need to have a variety of electrical and gas options to ensure that no matter what the venue offers, you can help. Suppliers in Exeter should provide both heating options.


Refrigeration is key when working as a caterer. You will likely have sauces, eggs, beverages and other items that must be kept at a particular temperature. If they drop below that temp, you may cause illness and other potential hazards. It is necessary that cold foods stay fresh until serving time.

Catering equipment suppliers in Exeter can help many companies by providing the items they need to do their job correctly and well. Click here to learn more.

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