The advantages of uPVC double glazed windows

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Glazing

Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, better known simply as uPVC is a material commonly used in the manufacture of the frames used for double glazed windows in Farnham, this material is extremely durable and has a number of excellent features. Double glazed windows are made using two panes of glass fitted into a common frame, the void between the panes is about 15mm; it is filled with air or an inert gas such as argon. As uPVC is a reasonably new material is it often used when a homeowner wishes to replace the existing single paned windows with energy saving double glazed windows.

There are a number of benefits to windows produced with uPVC; firstly, they are usually less expensive than other materials. uPVC windows are virtually maintenance free, they require no scraping and painting as the material does not rot, flake or peel. The only maintenance is to clean the windows with warm water and a clean cloth.

Double glazed windows in Farnham that are manufactured using uPVC are also very durable, they are not subject to distortion such as bending or warping, this cannot be said about other window materials. In addition to their dimensional stability, the frames are difficult to break; this is an added security feature for homes which have them fitted. Not only are the frames more difficult to destroy, the double panes of glass are also more difficult than a single pane to break through. Unwanted intruders are looking for soft targets, they want to get in and get out as quickly as possible and with little noise and fuss.

Two panes of glass separated by a void filled with argon help considerably to reduce energy costs, double glazed windows in Farnham are far better insulators than single glazed windows. The gas or air that is trapped between the panes keep the heat in and the cold out while in the summer they do just the opposite, they keep the heat out and the cool air in. The double panes also are a great noise barrier. Visit here to get more details.

uPVC has minimal impact on the environment, PVC is the second most used plastic; it is non-hazardous and is completely recyclable. There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacture, this is not the case with aluminium and with tropical hardwoods under constant threat there is little reason not to seriously consider uPVC for your replacement double glazed windows in Farnham.

An extensive range of uPVC double glazed windows in Farnham are available from P & P Glass. The material is available in traditional white or a variety of faux wood grain finishes.

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