The advantages of a conveyancing solicitor

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Lawyers

You need conveyancing whenever you are required to transfer the title deed of a property from one owner to another. Finding conveying in Reading is not difficult as all solicitors are able to provide these services. However, there are firms that specialise in this field, and who would be able to offer you particularly expert advice. This would be especially important if you were dealing with a case that presented some complications and you wanted to be sure that every eventuality had been considered.

What to look for when you’re the seller

When you are selling a property you want the process to be as smooth as possible and to have it completed in the shortest time. You can assist by making sure that the solicitor involved has all the necessary paperwork and details. Although the buyer of the property normally pays the fees, you would still want to make certain that you have a relationship with the firm involved to monitor the progress and be available to assist if there are any hitches.

Using conveyancing in Reading as a buyer

When you are the buyer of a property, it’s even more important to choose the right solicitor, as a good attorney can ensure that you are completely protected. In the UK it’s important to do thorough searches on a property to make certain that a buyer is fully informed as to what is actually being purchased. There have been many examples of vital details such as, for example, an ancient mining tunnel that crosses under the property being discovered. This could have many implications, including that renovations in that area couldn’t be carried out. These are the types of things that a seller might not mention or might not even be aware of, but that a good conveyancing firm would bring to your attention before the transfer went through.

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